Friday, August 12, 2011

Please pray for Leo and Mara!

     Leo was born in 2006.  Leo has not found a forever family yet! When I say Leo's face I right away thought. "Oh, He does have a forever family out there somewhere!"  He needs a family soon!!!! Leo is 5 years old.  Right now no donations will be taken, they are waiting for his full medical records. But there are many things that you can pray about.

  1. He will not have to wait much longer.

   2. His medical records are sent soon.
   3. His forever family will be found!!!

   Sweet little Mara.  Mara has blue eyes. Blond hair.
 Mara was born in may of 2011. This year!!! That makes her 3 months old!  Her life will be spent in a orphanage. Not if We can help it!! Pray! Pray! Pray! That She will find a family!!!!
Mara and Leo need love!  They are SPECIAL!!!!             

God Bless,