Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Spread the word!!!

My older sister Brianna is having a giveaway on her blog Helping The Least Of These.  She is giving away three blog banners for the first three commenters.

She will also selling blog banners, and the money she earns will go to The Bible Orphan Ministry.
Brianna, Thank you for all that you do. You where the one that inspired me to blog for Nana. You are a great big sister. You're like a big sister to Angelina and Teri Lynn. You have the heart to help and the love to share! So keep on doing what your doing!!!

Please spread the word. You can grab her button and put it on your blog, it's on the side of my blog.
 God is love. " And His Banner over me was love." Songs Of Solomon 2:4

   Jesus Joy,