Monday, October 17, 2011

The Bible Orphan Ministry.

The Bible Orphan Ministry in Ukraine. They go to 10 orphanages in Ukraine and tell the orphans about God. They tell them Bible stories and do crafts with them and most of all give them some love. They do not have much money. They are orphans themselves. Alla ( one of the helpers) is sick.She needs lots of prayers. She was once and orphan herself. For 8 years she was in an orphanage!! This is what she posted on there blog The Bible Orphan Ministry. 
"Dear beloved Friends. With heavy and broken heart I`m typing it.Tears running on my face, I do not have words...Sometimes it heavy to understand.But I need MUCH your prayers.My dad is dying...He is at hospital now in very hard condition.Doctors do not give a chance he will be alive.They do not know yet diagnostics.We need thousands and thousands grivna, we have nothing. Please, please I beg you with broken heart to pray for my father and salvation of his soul.We love him much and it is very heavy to see when you lose someone you love...."  Alla
She needs prayers! BOM needs prayers! They are doing a fundraiser for school supplies for the orphans. It ends tomorrow! They only have 240 dollars!It may be alot, but they were hoping and praying that they could raise over 2,000 dollars! Please if God leads you, donate!!
God Bless,