Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Two little girls, orphans, alone, are being loved!

There are two little girls, orphans, alone, are being loved! Two little girls named Nana and Isabel... They live far away, maybe they go through each day, thinking that nobody cares for them. When really there is! I love them! I love Nana and Isabel. Nana's prayer warrior loves Nana. She raises money, tells people and does fundraisers. I'm not sure if Isabel has anyone else love her and raise money for her... I wish I did. I have been blogging for Nana for a while now, but Isabel is, well, a new found love.  <3 She is so cute and lovable. Just looking at her baby skin I can almost feel the softness of it. She feels so close...yet so far away. I'm going to dedicate this blog post just to Isabel. Isabel needs this love today!

 This is Isabel's older photo...I've been putting off on putting her newer photo on my blog for a while now. Yes, now I know that this is wrong, but every time I saw her newer picture it made me feel sad. It made me feel like hope is slipping away. It makes me feel like her life is slipping away from all hope! Isabel needs a family!!!


This is the newer photo...sad, huh? Her eyes are not as happy. Her lips are dry. Her face does NOT have a smile... why? Why? Why? Must this angel suffer? Isabel is going to be 3 this April... If you want to see all of Isabel's info click here. Please, try and spread the word of Isabel and Nana!
Are we your daughters?

               Thank you for taking time to read my blog.