Thursday, May 26, 2011

I am now privileged to be Nana's Warrior!

Hello, my name is Julia. I am eleven years old. I'm Nana's Warrior!
Nana was born in January of 2009. She has beautiful blue eyes and blond hair. She has $1000.00 towards her adoption!

That is a very good start!  I can't imagine her always in a crib, her arms tied to the bars. Always scared. Never knowing love.
Never knowing what it means to be tucked in at night. Or, be given a kiss on her sweet little head or just having someone say that she did something right. Sometimes you just need a hug to tell you "Your safe! Don't cry, I'll protect you". Those are the things that I think of when I see her. I want to touch her and hug her give her the love she needs. At first I thought "I'm only eleven who am I?" But when my older sister Brianna made a blog for Angelina and helped her find a family, that changed my mind. I want to change a life. We can change lives with God's help! Is this little sweetie your daughter?! She needs you!

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  1. You're only eleven years old?! Wow! You are amazing! (And you are also a very good writer!) God bless you!