Friday, June 10, 2011

Nana has more Hope!!!

A couple of days ago I found out that Nana has a Prayer Warrior also!!!!  I am very happy that she has more people helping her to find a family! Nana's Prayer Warrior's blog is called " Help me Help Nana". This is her blog link; .  I want her to be loved! Loved and cherished. Nana is special. All of the RR children are special!  I feel that God is calling me to be Nana's voice! I need to find her a family before she has these terrible memories of the orphanage. She is almost three! Almost three. I have three year old sister. She has been loved all of her life. But Nana has not. Nana has not been fed as much as she wants. My sister can. I don't think that it is fair. I wish that life would be fair.

                 Please pray that she will find a family! She is in God's hands!

      God bless you all,

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