Monday, September 5, 2011

New photo of Nana!!!!!!

A little while ago I saw on RR there was a new photo of Nana!!! This is the photo.  

        Oh how sweet, sweet Nana has grown! I have now seen her smile!
Her arms are open for love! Her arms are open for a hug and kiss! She is asking for a Mommy and Daddy!!

I love Nana so much! Nana needs love! I need love. We all need love.
Love is like a flower, it grows and grows if treated the right way. Love is happiness, Joy, obedience and so much more. Love is so good!! ♥

Please help Nana find a family. She deserves more then this!

Before...                                                                                                        Now!  

  God Bless,


  1. Nana was one of the babies I sponsored at Christmas. I have a blog for advocating for several of the reece's rainbow children--although I am terrible at keeping it up.I am so glad to see that Nana has a warrior. I have her ornament hanging in my room and I am praying that her family will find her soon!

    Also, I noticed you were posting about little Teri Lynne. I heard she was adopted recently.


  2. She's so sweet, Julia! :) Keep up your posting, I pray she'll find a family soon. ♥