Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy 4th birthday, sweet Nana!


 Sometime this month Nana is turning four. She is getting so much older. She is getting so much older without a family!

She had a Thanksgiving without turkey and stuffing, pies, candies  and other yummy treats, without family, friends and grandparents. She went to sleep on Christmas Eve without a beautiful, colorful rainbow of Christmas lights on her tree. Without thinking about her stocking she would open in the morning, without thinking about the gifts and hugs from Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and cousins. She woke up on Christmas without all of those things! And then now a New year. 2013. No family, no friends, nothing to look forward to in a new year. She didn't hear from people " Happy Holidays!" She didn't know that Santa was going to bring her gifts because she was a good little girl. She just knows the little room she is in. She is having A BIRTHDAY without gifts, cake, ice-cream, family and little friends.  She is sweet and needs love just as any other four year old does. She needs a Mom and a Dad. She needs a warm bed and cozy clothes for cold winter days.
                                                    Is SHE your Daughter?

Jesus Joy,

 Also don't forget that my sister's Raffle for Alayna is ending on the 29th. Entries are only $1!!!!


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