Saturday, March 3, 2012

A feeling.......

What are feelings? There are so many different feelings. Hurt, love, joy, disappointment and the list goes on and on.
But what are these sweet children feeling. Are they feeling any Joy? Are they feeling any love?
They are walking in the dark. They cannot see where their going, they cannot see past those walls.
They are sad. They are hurting. Their lives have been destroyed. Some have been chosen, some are still waiting. Most are still waiting! These are only a few that are still waiting....

This is Sweet Sally. : )
Sally was born in September of 2008. She has the sweetest blue eyes and rosy pink cheeks.

She was born with a heart defect and HIV. More Info on Reece's Rainbow.

Jolene is seven years old. She has brown hair and gray eyes. She is so cute!!!
She has a very healthy heart. She is almost too gorgeous!


Evelyn was born in Juliy of 2008.She will be turning four soon, she is facing an institution.
This is so sad, her face is Sooooooo adorable! I'm praying that she will find a Forever Family soon.

Debbie was born in 2008. There is no other info on birth. She has Dandy-Walker syndrome, Cerebral Palsy. There is more info on Reece's Rainbow.

Isabel was born in April of 2010. She has hazel eyes.
A family adopted from the same orphanage in Dec 2011. They did not meet Isabel, but said it was a very nice place: "The kids were VERY well cared for, all the ones that we saw looked healthy. This is an excellent facility and the kids seem happy and well-adjusted."

Penelope is two years old. She was born in October 2010. She has grey eyes. There is more info on Reece's Rainbow.

Josie was born in June 2010. She has the cutest fuzzy hair and hazel eyes.
She does not have down sydrome.
Beautiful little Josie was born prematurely to a mother without prenatal care. She suffered from lack of oxygen during birth. She had some paraylsis in half of her face, which is reported to be resolved. Her lungs were under-developed, so she may have some pulmonary issues — we're not sure to what extent. There is more info on Reece's Rainbow.

Yasmine was born on June 19, 2004.
  She has a glorious smile and a personality to match! Yasmine was born with CP. She has congeinital hydrocephaly as well. Her feet/ankles are turned in, but she is able to pull to a stand and tries so hard to get around! Surgery and therapy can make a world of difference for this darling little girl.
She is already 6 and facing the institution soon. She is blessed to still be at the baby house.
 God loves all His children, and I'm sure He loves these children so much!
Let's find a family for her FAST!!!
As Jesus said " Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for such is the kingdom of Heaven." Matthew 19:14

Jesus Joy,

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