Monday, March 12, 2012

Isabel, Nana and Sabrina.

Isabel is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! She is so happy, but she could be even happier! She needs a Mommy to pick her up when she falls and a Daddy to give her comfort when she scared.  She needs love and life.
She needs life!  Is She Your Daughter?

This is all of Isabel's info;
Girl, born April 2010
Hazel eyes
The nature of periods of sleep and wakefulness correspond to the age norm.
Feb 2011:
Calm and active. Not sitting, it is not necessary, turns in all directions. Shifts the toy from hand to hand. Interested in other children. Babbles.
A family adopted from the same orphanage in Dec 2011. They did not meet Isabel, but said it was a very nice place:  "The kids were VERY well cared for, all the ones that we saw looked healthy. This is an excellent facility and the kids seem happy and well-adjusted.”
Update from a family who met her, March 2012:
Isabel and Holly are together in the same group. She is small for her age, not walking yet, but the caregivers are working on helping her stand and she takes steps holding their hands. She is a very happy, sweet, gentle personality. She enjoyed our time interacting and responded well to being hugged and held in my arms. She is tiny for her age but looks healthy overall.

$1150.71 is available towards the cost of my adoption!
Please help Isabel find a home!

Nana is in the same orphanage as Isabel. I am praying they will both find a family!

Nana is now three years old. I love her so much! I pray for her night and day. I know sometime soon God will give her a loving home.
Date of Birth: January 2009
Gender: Female
Eyes: Blue
Hair: blond
Character: passive, uncommunicative girl calm, even somewhat passive, affectionate, friendly. In response to the emotional appeal and tactile contact with an adult reacts to a smile, she does not go to the contact. Self is not sitting, turns from back to stomach. Toys she picks up a few hanging over her chest trying to capture, beating on them with her hands. Enclosed in the hand holding the toy did not last long with both hands, pulling at his mouth, licking tongue. Will listen to adult, finds the sound source. In the active voice observed actively Goulaine. Appetite is reduced, the food is selective, trying to keep their own hands a mug.
 $3604.90 is available towards the cost of my adoption!
Please help Nana find a home! Is She Your Daughter?

This is Sabrina. She has been newly listed. She is so cute!
Girl, born September 2007Diagnosis: HIV+ with signs of pneumonia, III clinical stage

What a lovely little girl! Isn’t it darling, how she’s holding out her dress for the picture? Her long hair is beautiful, and those bows are so cute — big bows often mean an orphanage favorite.

I was just looking at her grant... it is empty. This needs to change. Pray, share and donate!

Is She Your Daughter? Are any of these angels your Daughters?

Jesus Joy,

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